Powder coatings and their various application possibilities (indoor and outdoor)

Powder coatings can be used- both indoors and outdoors. In the following we give you a small overview of our coating powders and examples for different areas of application.


Indoors, we differentiate between epoxy polyester powder coatings and pure epoxy resin powder coatings.

Epoxy polyester powder coatings are mainly used for:
decorative interior applications, such as heating systems, metal furniture, shop fittings or household appliances.

Epoxy resin powder coatings are predominantly used for:
functional interior applications or primers with special requirements such as high chemical resistance and/or good corrosion protection.


Polyester and polyurethane powder coatings are used for outdoor applications.

The light- and weather-resistant coating powders are used, for example, on facades, for general industrial coatings or in steel construction, such as balcony or facade elements, fencing and wire goods, steel girders and agricultural machinery components.

Our energy offensive: We are developing our highly reactive low-temperature powders for both areas. This helps to significantly reduce the burn-in time and temperature in order to save energy.

basically applies to all our products: TGIC - and heavy metal - free, no health-endangering volatile components, largely label-free end products