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Araldit hardener successfully replaced with Ganzlin powder coatings

All powder coating manufacturers have been confronted with the fact that the hardeners Araldit PT910 / PT912 of the company Huntsman, due to the coming change in the classification, in future as reprotoxic Category 1B (CMR), H360F: "Can impair fertility" to be labelled. We at Ganzlin have decided to discontinue products containing these hardeners. We have discontinued the powder coating product range Ganzlin AR (with hardener PT910 / PT912) and now offer you Ganzlin FA. We have already been working on alternative recipes for months, developing them accordingly and successfully testing them. The powder coating product series Ganzlin AP and FA-Master have thus been further developed (now without the hardener PT910 / PT912) and now offer you a label-free alternative. Ganzlin FA has meanwhile received many international quality approvals. We will keep the familiar article designation. Now we have new in our program: Ganzlin AP-0170-GL410 - a very nice shiny transparent. No marking and low baking conditions. Available from stock (replaces our AR-0134-GL410)


We are happy to send you the corresponding product data sheets and safety data sheets or you can find them at www.ganzlin.com

If you have any questions, your personal field service, internal sales staff and product development are at your service. Successful processing with Ganzlin powder coatings, your manufacturer from the north. Yours sincerely
André Beckerman
Managing partner of the
Ganzlin coating powder GmbH


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New conditions as of 17th May 2021

Dear Ganzlin Partner,

Thank you very much for your trust and the pleasant cooperation in the past year. We are proud that together we have managed to grant continuity and always react quickly and flexibly.

The situation on the raw materials market for powder coatings has unfortunately been very tense since the last quarter of 2020 and has continued to become extremely tense in the first months of 2021.

The raw materials for the production of our resins are very scarce and have risen extremely in price. This market development affects all powder coating manufacturers in Europe. The German Coatings Industry Association has even set up press releases for all of them. The website www.wirsindfarbe.de is also very informative for all your questions. We will be happy to send you this information.

Despite intensive cost management and initiated rationalisation measures, we can no longer bear the price-induced cost burden caused by the massive increase in raw material costs ourselves and have to adjust the conditions for deliveries from 17th May 2021.

Unfortunately, the forecasts of raw material suppliers are also still uncertain. We must first get used to accepting monthly and quarterly conditions. You are already familiar with this from other sectors, such as the steel and zinc industries. We will always calculate and offer up-to-date prices for you.

You will receive your personal offer on request. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Ganzlin customer advisors and the staff of the internal sales department or myself.

Given the low margins, it is initially not possible to guarantee a fixed price for a longer period of time. We also regret that we cannot fix the new conditions even for a certain period of time. If there is positive information, you can be sure that Ganzlin will also inform you immediately.

Together with you, we would like to develop further and constantly strive towards our goal: the best possible customer service, high product quality and speed in sampling and order processing, for your success!

We thank you for your understanding and remain

with kind regards

André Beckerman

Ganzlin Coating Powder GmbH

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