powder coatings for outdoor use


Unsere Produktnamen sind immer gleich aufgebaut. Sie möchten wissen, was der Produktname für Sie bedeutet?

We recommend the highly weather-resistant polyester powder in FA for use in facades with aluminium components.

FA in glossy, semiglossy in uni- und metallic colors

We recommend polyester powder for weather- and light-resistant industrial coatings.

AU - in glossy , semiglossy
AP - in semiglossy, semimatt, matt in uni- and metallic colors

For the applications of weather- and light-resistant coatings with special properties, such as anti-graffiti, we recommend polyurethane powder.

AC - in glossy , semiglossy
AG - in glossy

We recommend polyester powder for the application of weather- and light-resistant coatings on solid components or temperature-sensitive substrates such as bridge steel girders.

ST - in glossy , semiglossy

Many of the above-mentioned products are available in various structures and metallic, as well as in special settings according to customer requirements.

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