further powder coating specialities

our other specialities include:

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Transparentes, wetterbeständiges Beschichtungspulver vorzugsweise für die Beschichtung von Bauteilen aus Aluminium, Buntmetallen und Stahl, sowie für die Überbeschichtung von Pulverlackfilmen aller Art.

AR in glänzend, seidenmatt


We can already offer you a variety of powder coatings with metallic effect for indoor and outdoor use. Many standard colours (e.g. RAL and DB) have already been worked out. We are also happy to adjust new shades according to your specifications. Please get in contact with us.

Important! When processing metal effect powders, there are a few instructions to follow.

Please read the following information sheet.


Primers based on epoxy resin can be used in combination with a weather-resistant powder coating in 2-layer construction for better corrosion protection. Corrosion protection up to corrosivity category C5 is possible with appropriate pre-treatment of the substrate and compliance with minimum layer thicknesses.

- Standard primer for good chemical resistance and good corrosion protection
in glossy (available from stock, on customer request also in other gloss levels)

- Primer for outgasing / hot galvanized substrates galvanized substrates

- with very low baking temperature

-This polyester resin-based primer is particularly suitable for temporary outdoor storage of the primed parts.


We offer four standard structure types for many indoor and outdoor applications. We will be pleased to provide you with samples so that you can get your own impression.


fine structure - fine structure, similar to a fine sandpaper


fine rough structure, similar to a leather grain, but deeper


middle structure - middle structure, a narrower version of the coarse structure


rough structure - rough structure, similar to a pronounced orange peel skin

special settings

Many special settings are possible for a large selection of our powder coating qualities. Some examples are:

  • bendable, for example for powder-coated parts with subsequent deformation
  • anti-graffiti, for example for "artistically" endangered facades and components
  • printable, for example for powder-coated parts that are to be printed or glued on afterwards
  • Cchemical resistant, for example for powder coated surfaces which may come into contact with aggressive chemicals (acids / alkalis).
  • electrically conductive, for example for coating ESD (electro-static discharge) workstations
  • antifriction coating, for example for powder-coated surfaces which should have low frictional resistance
  • highly reactive, for example for solid components or temperature-sensitive substrates
  • highly weather-resistant, for example for powder-coated surfaces with particularly long service life
  • optimized outgassing features, for example for hot-dip galvanized surfaces or cast parts
  • softtouch (comfortable touch ), for example for powder-coated furniture parts that should have a very smooth grip.
  • sanitary coatings (particularly smooth flow), for example for bathroom furniture
  • drinking water approval, for example for objects that come into direct contact with drinking water

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